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Substansi is a creative & digital marketing agency based in South Jakarta. We are partners who can help you build and grow your business and increase your return on investment


Activation Strategy

We can help you to organize an event and to make sure everything will operate perfectly including place selection, catering selection, entertainment, vendor, etc. Learn More

Digital Strategy

We can plan your digital strategy. This includes all subjects such as, brand awareness, increase website leads, maximize revenue with guarantee measurable and validated R.O.I (Return of Investment),etc. Creating the right strategies based on technology to navigate your brand to survive in digital world which is the world that can be reached by people of your target, even worldwide. Learn More

Digital Marketing

We develop, refine, and execute digital marketing activities that only drive world-class results. With comprehensive range of digital marketing services, we help businesses all around the world to grow. We help brands overcome the challenges and solve problems related to maximizing online reach, despite the competition in the market. Learn More

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Sosial Media Marketing Tips dan Tren 2021

Sosial Media Marketing Tips dan Tren 2021

Source : pexels.com Sosial media marketing saat ini sudah menjelma menjadi kekuatan yang digunakan oleh banyak bisnis untuk memasarkan produknya melalui sosial media. Pasti kamu sering banget kan lihat konten - konten di social media yang isinya jualan, baik itu...

Belajar Digital Marketing Lengkap dari A sampai Z

Belajar Digital Marketing Lengkap dari A sampai Z

Pagebluk covid-19 masih belum beranjak pergi dari Indonesia.  Banyak bisnis pun harus terkapar bahkan tidak mendapatkan cuan selama pandemi.  Kondisi seperti ini bukan waktunya untuk bersedih dan meratapi nasib. Inilah saat yang tepat bagi kita untuk berinovasi dan...